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to determine the fate of the hostages. our jill dougherty is working the angle from the state department. jill, it's very specific when you say sovereign territory and the algerians are taking the lead on this. what is our relationship with algeria given what we went through with libya next door, how is this playing out? >> you know, it's a very complex area, isn't it? because libya to the east, algeria in the center, mali in the southwest. very, very complex and very volatile because of these groups allied. hillary clinton was there in october and talked about a potential situation with mali which we all know has become very volatile and you have the french who have gone in there which reportedly is why this operation, this kidnapping operation was taking place. the kidnappers said they were doing that in solidarity for their people in mali. they were angry, they said, that algeria was allowing french planes to overfly algeria and go into mali to carry out that operation. now, whether that's true, i mean, it could be, or it could also have been, as some u.s. officials are indicating, kind of
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and what it make take to free them. former cia officer bob baer is joining us, and jill dougherty has the latest from the state department. >>> more on our breaking news now. americans and other westerners among the hostages being held right now tonight by islamic extremists in algeria. defense secretary leon panetta is calling it a terrorist attack. the hostages were taken when about 20 extremists attacked a gas field. this is a file picture of the field. it's in the eastern part of algeria. it's partly owned by the energy company bp. now algeria's interior minister said that two people were killed in the attack. it's believed to be retaliation for algeria's support for the french offensive in mali. a u.s. state department official said that as many as ten americans were work at the oil field. the state department hasn't said how many of them right now may be hostages. we are told a special operations team is standing by, quote, on a very short string. obviously this is a very fluid situation. i'm joined no by cnn foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty and former cia officer bo
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recovery. still very scary when you hear what happened. jill dougherty is live at the state department. what do we know about her condition right now? >> she is stable, in the hospital. and the main thing right now, they are trying to shrink that blood clot by administering medications, blood thinners and that's their task right now, to get exactly how much she needs over what period. they have to work on that because it depends on body weight and everything. when they have that pinned down, then theoretically at that point they will be able to release her. it did sown very scary and potentially it is serious. but they seem to have it your honor control. luckily, it's not bleeding inside the brain and that's the important thing. she's stable, talking with her doctors, talking with the family, in fact, there was a recent tweet as you just mentioned last hour, a tweet from chelsea clinton, thanking people from sending their best wishes to her mother so the prognosis is that she would be, you know, released when they get this -- when she is stable and she know how much medication she will
to the state department now and our foreign affairs correspondent, jill dougherty. jill, what more do we know about how the hostage crisis ended today? >> well, john, you can definitely say that it was very violent. in fact, we're still trying to pin down the numbers. you know, as the algerian news agency said, 23 hostages were killed. 32 terrorists were killed. but that area was mined. and, in fact, the british foreign secretary just talked about that, that it was booby trapped. so as now they go in to clear it and make it safe, there is a lot that they may not know. and is still not a clear -- the operation is over, but it's not a cleared-out space. they could find things as they go through. let's listen to the defense secretary, leon panetta. he said it very well this afternoon. >> with regards to the numbers of americans, we are still trying to get accurate information about just exactly how many americans were located there and exactly what happened to them. >> and so that is really the key. everyone who had people in that location, at that plant, is trying right now. those countries are
to jill dougherty at the state department. jill, what can you tell us about this man who has lost his life? >> erin, the latest information we're getting is the name of that american who did die. it's coming in a statement from victoria nuland who is the spokesperson for the state department. she said that his name was fredrick butaccio and he died in that hostage situation. the state department is expressing its deepest condolences to the family and also the friends of fredrick. but they're not giving any details and that is one thing that has plagued it's information coming out of algeria ever since this began. we do know from a u.s. official that six americans, however, were freed or escaped, and others still are unaccounted for. earlier friday victoria nuland also said that some americans are being held hostage. so the bottom line here is that of it continues to be an operation with very, very few details coming out from the algerians. secretary clinton was asked about that friday, and on the one hand the u.s. and other countries are very unhappy about the lack of information, but on t
straight to jill dougherty at the state department. first, jill, what can you tell us about the american who died? >> there are not a lot of details. we can confirm according to a senior u.s. official that one american is dead. family has been notified that this person has died. but other than that, where they died, how they died, and maybe when they died, is not clear. after all, this began three days ago. and then the operation has been ongoing for two days. so not clear. a lot of those details. i can tell you that this afternoon, before this news broke, secretary of state hillary clinton did express condolences to the families of those people, people from several countries, who died in this terrorist act. and yet at this point we don't know many details at all of how many died, how many survived. it's simply not known. >> jill dougherty, thank you very much. of course,do know there are some americans still unaccounted for tonight. we are also hearing the first words though from another american hostage who is safe and we want to get straight to david mattingly in needer land, texas, w
will make a full recovery. cnn's jill dougherty is live at the state department. how serious is this? >> potentially, christine, it's serious. after all, it is in her head but as doctors explain, it's not in her brain, and that's the most important thing. this is a blood clot that's located in kind of an area that is between the brain and the skull. it's a vein, and between those two areas, but it's not as i said inside the brain a that is one of the reasons that they say she didn't have any neurological problems, she didn't have a stroke. things that really could be serious. that said, she is in the hospital, she's getting the treatment which is essentially giving her blood thinners and what they're trying to do is shrink the blood clot and then when they figure out how much medication she should have, then potentially she can be released from the hospital. so it's quite a bout for her. don't forget this started way back in december, i remember being on the trip to europe with her, coming back and the next trip was canceled and that's when all of this began, getting the flu, hitting
in just six days so that part is looky somewhat iffy. jill dougherty is live with us at the state department. those are reports that sound pretty dire. has it taken a while to get this information even out to the people of venezuela? >> there are people in venezuela who say they are not being told the full truth. if you read what the government people are saying and also just general information it looks pretty bad. i mean, mr. chavez has been treated for cancer for at least two years and now the prognosis does not look good. and that is what is bringing his possible imminent demise but also the confusion because he is not in venezuela. he is in cuba as you noted. that makes it really complicated to get sworn in again. and so that is a problem. and then you add on to this kind of odd quirk of some people being very suspicious that the united states might be trying to engineer something here in terms of a succession and the state department now for the past couple of days has been saying u.s. is not trying to engineer anything. there is no made in america solution that whatever hap
. this is obviously a very fluid situation. cnn foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty and former cia officer bill baird join me now. jill, you've been working your sources today. what is the latest? >> we believe obviously this happened at a gas field. if you look at the map, it's in eastern algeria. that's 37 miles from the libyan border. and that's important because they believe that the people who carried this out came in from the east, in from libya. they went to this gas field. it's owned by bp. the algerians and the norwegians. and they carried out this attack. apparently what happened is they had a previous attack. it didn't work. and then moved to another part of this complex. you can see it's quite large. and that's where they took these hostages. they say that they have 41 people that may or may not be true. initially, the reports were there were seven americans. there are probably about three. but there are also japanese, british, norwegian and irish at least, anderson. >> and bob, the man claiming responsibility for this, his name is mokhtar belmokhtar. what do you know about him
to be an in your face term. >> foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty is live from washington this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> opposition to hagel comes from the right and left. can you break down the issues? >> yeah. i think it has to really start with israel because the people who believe that he is not a supporter of israel, in fact, they would question his devotion to anything that would help israel. he, for instance, believes in talking to hamas. he also has come out against iran sanctions by the united states. and so that gets other people very worried about his position. he opposed the surge in afghanistan. and when you get into that issue, the gay issue, so called, about 14 years ago he made some comments about an ambassadorial nomination who as he put it was openly and aggressively gay. now that's, of course, a buzz saw of criticism. so it's not going to be an easy type of nomination certainly as you can imagine. >> so why did the president pick hagel? >> you know, this he have some similar views. he is a maverick, that's true, but he also, i think you have t
over. jill dougherty joins me with the latest. is has been a fluid story all day long. there's been a lot of speculation. it's unclear what's been going on. what's the latest you are hearing right now? what do we know? >> the latest is we believe -- we are being told by a u.s. official that it's not over. that they took a break, the algerian military, took some type of break until tomorrow morning. but they will be back at it again because there are still terrorists there, and there are still hostages. and, anderson, there's some details we've been getting from u.s. officials about the conditions in which those hostages have been held. in fact, we were told that some of them actually had suicide vests put on them by the hostage-takers. pretty frightening situation. leon panetta, the defense secretary, said there were probably about seven to eight americans, but i have to say, you know, throughout the day, the numbers on all of this, where they are, who might be injured or any other condition is not really known. and the numbers of people who have been killed in this operation have r
. this is happening at a gas installation in the sa har ra desert. there's already been a raid. jill dougherty trying to piece it together for us joins us from the state department. there's still a lot of basic questions we don't know, a lot of conflicting information. we have some new details about some of the americans who have been taken hostage. >> the saddest news, of course, is the news about this american who did die. it was confirmed by the state department later this evening by victoria nuland, the spokesperson. he was fredrick butaccio. and all they're saying is he died. details are not being given. they're offering condolences to family and friends. the other information coming from a u.s. official that six americans have either been freed or actually have escaped. but there are others that are unaccounted for. so we have victoria nuland also remember today saying that there are u.s. hostages. so, anderson, this is continuing as this operation in different ways proceeds. in other words, they had, we understand today, cnn was told that there was an operation that was carried out to move in
dougherty. she's over at the state department. jill? >> wolf, just a few minutes ago here at the state department i was upstairs, secretary clinton meeting with the japanese foreign minister and both of them discussing this crisis in algeria. she said that she had spoken yet again with her algerian counterpart and she stressed once again, she said, the upmost concern they have is for the safety and security of the hostages. but when i asked her about the criticism that's being leveled by the united states and other countries against some aspects of this operation, the algerian operation, here is what she said. >> let's not forget, this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. they are the ones who have assaulted this facility, have taken hostage algerians and others from around the world who were going about their daily business. >> so a lot of passion in what the secretary was saying right there. so some hostages have are been killed. some have sur survived and some are telling their stories. >> i don't remember. it happened so fast. it happened so fast. >> so fast? >
say that president obama was wrong when he said al qaeda is on the run. soledad. >> jill dougherty, thank you, jill. ahead at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. cnn will bring you special live coverage of secretary clinton's testimony. wolf blitzer and jake tapper will break it down. and we'll continue to talk about this with california republican ed royce, chair of the committee before which the secretary will testify today. >>> other stories making news and john berman has a look at those. >>> a 22-year-old man faces assault charges after a shooting on the campus of lonestar college on houston tuesday. three people wounded, including a campus maintenance worker. another person treated for what appeared to be a heart attack. students describe a scene of utter chaos on campus. some hiding under desks while others ran for their lives. ed lavendera live in houston. what's the latest? >> caller: we >> reporter: well, john, charges of aggravated assault charged against 22-year-old carlton barry, the man suspected of starting a shooting. it started as ab argument between barry and another man. the
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with regard to this clot near her brain. jill dougherty is live at the state department. a lot of people want to know how she's doing. clearly she has an important role. do we know if her progress is getting better or are they keeping us abreast? >> they haven't issued anything today but yesterday they did -- her two doctors issued a report. it was pretty in-depth. at least technical explaining where the blood clot was located and what they were doing is giving blood thinners. it's important to point out it's not on the brain itself. it's between the brain and the skull. so it's actually kind of an area in a way that vein is isolated from the actual brain. that would be the danger. that's why they were saying she did no have the stroke or neurological problems. so what they do is they shrink that. using these blood thinners, what they are doing now is determining how much to give her, how strong a dose, et cetera, depends on the person. and once they determine that, once they have it locked down that that's her recipe, then they potentially can let her leave the hospital. so that's what we're
. listen to what she told our jill dougherty. >> if you had one blood clot, there is two times chance that you will have another one. >> uh-huh. >> is this something you're going to have to deal with for a long time? >> millions of people do. it's very common. >> do you take medication? >> that's what people do when you have blood clots and then you get evaluated after the blood clot has resolved. as you say, i've experienced this before. but i am lucky because i have been very healthy. i feel great. i have enormous amounts of energy that has to be harnessed and focused. so i'm very fortunate and i'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life, whatever it is. >> the full interview, by the way, with the secretary of state, it will air here in "the situation room" in the next hour as well as the 6:00 p.m. eastern. she goes through a wide, wide range of issues, including national security issues and what about 2016? is she really interested in running for president again? the interview will be airing here in "the situation room." >>> as we saw earlier, the senate is voting on hillar
department. jill dougherty sat down with secretary clinton. >> reporter: as secretary of state hillary clinton prepares to leave office, the country that once was a beacon of hope for democratic transition, egypt, is wracked with turmoil. the head of the army warning the state could collapse. >> i hope not because i think that would lead to incredible chaos and violence on a scale that would be devastating for egypt and the region, but there has to be some understanding by the new government that the aspirations that the people were expressing during the revolution in egypt have fwoe taken seriously. >> reporter: and if there's one lingering question about her tenure, it's the murder of four americans in benghazi, libya. clinton spoke passionately about the issue last week on capitol hill. >> what difference, at this point, does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> reporter: today she maintained she was briefed on prior attacks in the libyan city, but no one recommending closing the outpost wher
to these reporters and among them, jill dougherty and elise labbitt at cnn. here's what she told them about her future. >> right now, i am trying to finish my term as secretary of state and the president and i had a good laugh the other night because, you know, i am out of politics right now and i don't know everything i'll be doing. i'll be working on behalf of women and girls. i'll be hopefully writing and speaking. those are the things that i'm planning to do right now. >> so what do you think as someone who's known her and you knew her in those years, 19, right, when we all were as idealistic and rosy-eyed about the world as we could possibly be. >> well, look, hillary clinton we see today is obviously more sophisticated and a little bit more wizened than the hillary clinton i knew when she was 19, but the young hillary clinton, hillary rodham, in those days, was incredibly talented, incredibly bright, determined, ambitious, had a very deep sense of social justice and really wanted the world to change and was determined to be a leader. i don't think the hillary clinton we know today is all
the attack. jill dougherty is following developments for us this morning. tell me first, jill, how the secretary's testimony has been received? >> reporter: well, you know, there were a lot of emotional highs in that, as you know, soledad, and we're going to see secretary clinton again this morning in about three hours. she'll be back on capitol hill at the senate for the confirmation hearing for the man we expect will be the successor for her here at the state department, and that is senator john kerry. but her testimony on benghazi is still making waves. if she was tired by more than five and a half hours of testifying on the deadly attack in benghazi, the recently ailing secretary of state hillary clinton denied she was holding anything back from congress. >> that's not who i am. that's not what i do. >> reporter: there was no doubt how personally clinton took the death of the four americans in benghazi. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and broth
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 67 (some duplicates have been removed)

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